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👋 Hello, Internet person! I hope we won’t stay strangers. Like it says on the homepage, I’m a researcher, technologist, and writer focused on the social and economic aspects of artificial intelligence and the Internet. For example, I’ve researched how AI is changing lifelong learning, created video art online using machine learning, and written management advice for AI adoption. Currently, I work for a securities regulator studying tech trends in the capital markets, such as blockchains and DAOs.

🧠 Most of all, I’m deeply curious about the impact of information and communication technologies on human learning and knowledge. About AI, modern approaches to which are based on machine learning, we still don’t know everything AI models can learn. The same is true for us. With techniques for “graphing” knowledge and “processing” language, what can we now know? This question reaches beyond computer science and economics into philosophy and art. AI changes our relationship to ourselves.

👔 Dramatic changes are also occuring in our economic relationships to each other and the earth. I like to say that digital transformation is social transformation. Markets—one of the oldest information technologies—are being updated with AI, blockchains, and digital platforms. These new technologies arguably exacerbate the great challenges of our age, such as inequality, climate change, and misinformation, yet they also enable new solutions. I’m proud to be working in this space at a regulator and public servant: fintech both requires and enables new regulatory approaches so that society benefits.

🎓 As a lifelong learner and bookworm, it was a dream come true to study at Oxford. As ever, my time there (2016-17) was multithreaded. Core coursework focued on the economics of new digital platforms, especially disruption and institutional change in the field of education. I also fell in love with knowledge graphs; honed skills in statistics, scientometrics, digital ethnography, and agent-based modeling; assisted Bodleian Libraries with publishing scholarly data to Wikidata using SPARQL; won a funding competition for innovative educational technology; and worked as a researcher on a Google-funded study about the future of AI and lifelong learning. Then and now, dominus illuminatio mea.

✨ I hope to explore all of the above on this website, along with topics such as: video art, poetry, digital collecting and organizing, Python and data science, Linux and open source, role-playing games and storygames, speculative fiction, monasticism and contemplation, φιλοσοφία, the Commoner Earth, ⁂…

Cory Salveson
Cory Salveson
Researcher, Technologist, Writer

R&D what’s next in capital markets. Passionate about tech + human learning and knowledge.